Workshop – Thomas Chassis

To test my skills and give the junior engineer something to pilot on the SC&MR a Thomas the Tank Engine derivative seemed a good idea at the time!

The chassis took form from stock brass, wheels from Breasley wheels and engine components from Dick Smith.

the nylon worm and gear lasted about 10 laps of the small 5' diameter loop before they stripped themselves!
This called for some heavier duty gear. Meccano worm and matching gear were adapted to the chassis and motor. I needed to bore out the gear to fit the axle and make a bush for the worm to bring its internal diameter down to fit the motor shaft.

The middle wheel set had its flanges ground down to aide cornering. Luckily, the meccano gears matched the old nylon fittings and no adjustments were needed to the motor mounting position.

On/off – forward/reverse switch and a speed controller were fitted into the plastic toy thomas body. Next – a test run!
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