Workshop – Scratch Diesel Loco

Following the initial construction of the cardboard and brass loco pictured below, the above schematic was developed as a plan for a future loco made from brass, with battery power. The initial project was a test bed for the components and methods required to make the above.
This is the brass chassis starting to take shape. My progress is limited by my slight lack of equipment and my considerable lack of skills!

I was fairly happy with how the buffer plate and buffers worked out. They are fabricated with hand tools, a grinder and drill press. No soldering here, just screwed to the chassis with my home made brass bolts.

Turning the fronts of the buffers on the drill press only made me lust after a lathe!

With no plans or dimensions, just some pieces of brass and scrap from around the workshop I started playing with ideas. Soldering the brass chassis worked quite well. Drilling the bearing holes for the wheels was a complete disaster! Making the matboard body was fun and easy. Finding and fitting the detail parts was fun too.

Painted in undercoat it began to look a little more cohesive.

I like the general pattern of this loco, i even found a picture of a similar design in "Light Railways" magazine. I will draw up a plan for a more substantial, and better finished model to make up with brass body as well as chassis.

There is enough space in the body to accomodate batteries, motor, gearbox and switches to make a powered version. This will be the next stage of this project. Not because I think I will run this actual model on the railway, but more to test and practice before I have something I will be upset about ruining!
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