Rolling Stock

Ballast Hopper No.1
Latest addition to the SC&MR rolling stock. Scratch built and based on a local prototype this model extended my building and modelling skills somewhat. It is totally metal construction with only the wheels being bought. The rest is made from stock brass and copper. Oh, and the patented cup hook couplers were of course a purchased item!

Flat cars No.1, 2 & 3
Scratch built with just some plastic wheels from Hartland Loco Works vans and junk from the shed, these cars are concept and practice peices, used to develop my skills rather than be replicas of something. The axle boxes are crimp terminals, soldered to pcb board, glued to wood blocks, not prototypical!
Open wagons No.1 & 2
Scratch built from MDF and mat board with a few LGB detail parts and pop rivets. Otherwise, similar to the flat cars. I'm happy with the paint job which gives a suitable rustic and industrial feel.
Long Gondola No.1
A Bachmann kit, partially painted, awaiting weathering and a dummy load to finish it off. This wagon seems a little too long for the current 5' oval, although it can negotiate the curves.
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