Loco No.1
Purchased via eBay this loco is created from an Aristocraft "Lil Critter" model. It is intended to represent a generic Australian profile industrial diesel loco. The original model is modifided significantly in its body and detail, whilst retaining the chassis and running gear. The new engineer can be glimpsed in this picture, and seen to have a remarkable resemblance to Wallace, from the TV series and movies.

Loco No.2
Also purchased via eBay this LGB 0-4-0 loco looks like it will be a good runner, with nice low speed performance and suitable "industrial" appearance. It has taken on the main duties of entertaining me and the junior engineer whilst loco No.1 was in the workshop.

Loco No.3
Another ebay purchase, this loco started life as a smaller, cheaper version of loco No.2. Still with substantial weight, it has proven to be a good slow runner, once the wheels were re-aligned, to stop the connecting rods binding.

Like the Lil Critter before it, it has undergone some industrialisation and conversion to a more Australian feel.

See the story of its construction

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