Layout – Stage 2 – Early Work

The embankment for stage 2 is set in place to the required level. Time will allow the base to settle before the foundations are laid. The small loop in the forground seems insignificant by contrast.

The junior engineer paces out the embankment. The yellow Tonka truck fleet, vital to this stage of construction, can be glimpsed in the background!

The embankment is a considerable construction at its high end. A retaining wall addition will be required. Hebel blocks, with engraved brickwork will be the order of the day here. Once off the embankment the track will continue on bridgework of sleepers with supporting posts, maybe carved hebel again?

Clearing of the ground for construction of the bridge. The more the plan becomes clear, the more work is discovered is required!
Looking back up the garden from the far end of the loop. A lone hebel block marks the top of the loop. (only 16 or so more full size blocks to carve into bridge sections!)
The "no trespassing" sign is a warning to the dogs not to dig up the embankment. (surprisingly, it has proven to be a useful deterent!)
The new point has been fitted allowing the first section of stage 2 track to be laid. 3.6mtrs of extra track! We can now run from the start of the embankment, around the loop and out onto the siding behind the signal house, almost 9 mtrs in total. The longest run on the SC&MR so far!
No.2 pulls the ballast wagon over the new viaduct. The latest addition to the SC&MR landscaping effects. It actually serves a real purpose, allowing flood waters through the small embankment and out into the rest of the garden.
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