Layout – Stage 1 – continued

The point, siding and links to stage 2 are placed down to determine gradients and position for foundations.

The scratch built point is fitted in place of the curved set track. The trenches are for the foundation concrete.

The point tests well although it doesn't like the sand used as temporary ballast, or having a loco run backwards over a mis set pivot rail. Stronger switching tie and some fixed ballast are required for the final installation.

Locos #1&2 test out the newly placed points and siding track. The partially finished signal box building is in place too, although it feels a little out of scale!

The concrete foundations were reduced in thickness to 50mm, which seemed a lot more sensible than the 100mm specs for the first loop.

The track leading to the right will eventually join to stage 3 (still several years away at this point) The track to the left will connect tot stage 2 in the not too distant future.

High view of the current set-up. Stage two will extend to the upper left along the embankment. There is still a point to install where loco#2 is in this pic. It will connect up to stage 2 and allow for a continuous loop of about 25metres length. (when the financial controller has released funds for its purchase!)
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