Layout – Ballasting & Track Treatment

Test bed for ballasting methods serves as a display track for rolling stock when not in use. The dry gravel looks different once it is fixed in place with bondcrete however.

The finished ballast, fixed in place with 3:1 water and bondcrete mix. Very clean and tidy to start with!

Looks good with a ttrain running over it.

This section hasn't received any ballasting treatment, but has got a healthy dose of rubbish from the tree and garden. I like the visual appearance but it tends to get under the track and lift it, as well as block the rails somewhat.
Once some time has passed the ballasting collects the garden mess and begins to take on a more realistic appearance. Sweeping the track leaves a clear path between the rails and a build up on the outsides, which further creates the impression that the track has been there a long time.
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