Journal – 5

Continuing collection of appearantly random, but hopefully with some chronological sense, pics and observations of the development of the SC&MR.

Rain has been a rare occurance in Canberra for some time, so the last few days of thunderstorms have been welcome. They have also tested out the flood capacity of the SC&MR. Several problem areas have been identified, where the foundations act as a dam, not allowing water to flow through down the garden. The extension to stage 2 will now have small viaduct drains under the foundations. (a timely downpour as I was just setting up the form work as the first of the big storms approached)

Lots has been happening in the workshop lately.

Loco 3 gets to do some work on the layout at the Goulburn Carapark, scene of the December meeting of the LGB & G scale club. More track than we've ever seen!

Loco 2 is somewhat overwhelmed by the busy location. A bit of a change from the quiet of the SC&MR!

Working in company makes a welcome change from solo runs on the small SC&MR loop.

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