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Visual Identity– the key business design solution! Download our free report to find out why...

Luxgraphicus will create a system which defines your visual identity and controls how all its components look, feel and work.

logo design logo design

Your business visual identity will need a logo. This is the keystone of the most important part of your businesses identity. It will also direct how the other important components of your visual identity will look and work.

Remember, a visual identity is so much more than just a logo however.

visual identity
type design type design

Choice of typeface and how this typeface is used can greatly influence the perception your audience has of all your visual material.

Luxgraphicus will specify how type should appear as a part of the identity development.

visual identity
colour design colour design
Which colours? How many colours? Principal colours? Supporting colours? Where should colours be used and in what proportions? These are all decisions which Luxgraphicus will consider and build into your visual identity system.
visual identity
space design space design

Even the places where there are no graphics placed, the spaces around elements, require a design decision!

This space allows the elements which are there to work to their full potential, and when applied consistantly, create the look which defines your business.

visual identity
style design style design

Pulling all these issues together and consistantly applying them creates a style which is the visual identity system.

This is what allows your clients to recognise you, builds their perception of how you operate and the value you can provide for them. All this, often before they have even spoken to you, or certainly before they have trialled your products or services.

visual identity


Your business visual identity is the front end and face of your business. Prospects, customers, clients and advocates will all develop and build their perception of your business around your identity.

Luxgraphicus will help you to create and use your visual identity to optimise this perception.

Our "unity" brand management system is then used to maintain and control your identity.

And, all of our products will be custom created for your business identity.

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