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An initiative of Luxgraphicus Design Agency, “unity” is a visual identity brand management service which provides the structure and formal system required to keep your business looking fabulous!

unity will reveal the visual branding needs of your business, investigate directions and recommend solutions. unity will maintain the consistent application of your brand and ensure the secure storage and retrieval of your valuable visual collateral.

Specifically, when you subscribe to unity, your business will receive;
1. A comprehensive visual brand audit to initially determine your businesses status in terms of branding. We’ll complete checklists on all your visual collateral, report in writing on our conclusions and provide recommendations for direction and solutions.
2. An ongoing, 6 monthly review of your business branding, including how well initiatives have been applied and reporting on the consistent application of your brand across all your visual collateral. (2 reviews per year, normally at 3 and 9 months after the initial brand audit)
3. The secure storage and retrieval of all your electronic visual collateral. All artwork for logos, typography, colours, images, brochures, advertising, stationary, etc... will be safe, accessable and retrievable without additional cost to your business.

Annual subscription investment to unity (inc.GST) $880

Every business needs unity.
Keeping your business looking fabulous!

(This represents fabulous value as the normal cost for such a service would be more than $1600 per annum. Essentially, you receive a free brand audit and free secure storage and retrieval of all your visual collateral.)


contact us now to secure your business identity success with our "unity" system

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