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Service Commitment and Process

download a flow chart of our service commitment as a pdf file

Referralservice commitment

As soon as you have heard about Luxgraphicus and contacted us, we will keep you informed of our process and progress towards the best solution for your business.


Luxgraphicus needs to find out about your business. Tell us your vision, your philosophy, your goals. We'll also need to know what you'd like us to do for your business and how you see it working for you and identifying with your audience.


Estimate of costs

Based on your specific requirements Luxgraphicus will customise a project plan for the development of your artwork. We'll incorporate timeframes here to keep both Luxgraphicus and your business on their toes! (we need your help to keep things on schedule)

Here, we can also provide production costs for specified outcomes, such as printing, or manufacture. (sometimes this stage comes in later once formats and finishes are decided)

Identity and Artwork development

Before we launch headlong into the design process, Luxgraphicus will refine your initial brief through a number of methods. These might include; further discussion, by getting your business to undergo discussions based on our model for development of a creative brief, by refering you through a marketing associate for the development of the creative brief, or other collaboration between Luxgraphicus and your business.

Then it's over to us. Luxgraphicus designers will research ideas and develop concepts based on the brief. These wil be refined into workable solutions. The number of options may vary. When several options are presented this is largely due to an opening in the brief which hasn't been fully answered, or perhaps, any of the options could be, potentially, equally successful. When a single option is offered, this is because Luxgraphicus designers have such a strong conviction as to the potential for success of the solution that the professional approach is to strongly recommend this to you. As the visual communication professionals we see it as our responsibility to point you in the direction of greatest potential for success.

Proposed solutions

This solution, or solutions, will be presented to you, either in person as colour laser proofs, or via email as PDF files, for comment, feedback and amendment. Our initial round of alterations and amendments will be complimentary, as detailed in our estimate.


We ask that you provide written feedback, with personal comment to clarify if needed, in response to the solutions with specific reference to the original brief. This allows our designers to address your concerns and requirements with a view to best meeting the project objectives.


Luxgraphicus will process your amendments as a matter of priority and despatch them for approval within established timeframe constraints.

Should there prove to be amendments required which go beyond the scope of our original estimate, or result from you changing your mind about content, or missing errors in the first round of amendments (such as spelling or grammar) then Luxgraphicus will need to make an additional charge at our current hourly rate for completing those amendments.


Once you are completely happy with the design, we ask that you carefully check all details and sign and return an artwork approval, authorising Luxgraphicus to proceed to production. A formal process here ensures that we are all protected from any possible confusion in communication.

Printers proof

Luxgraphicus will manage the printing (or other production technique) of your project through to final delivery. We may, on occassion, approve the printers proof on your behalf to expedite the process. Should we ask for your approval of a printers proof it is important to remember that these proofs are intended as a check on the pre-press functions, to confirm colour reproduction, flow and layout of elements, page imposition and general translation from digital file to physical form issues. Spelling and other minor content issues should be resolved prior to the artwork approval stage and not be left to the printers proof stage, as changes here will delay production and add considerable cost.


When Luxgraphicus manage the production of your project, we will arrange for the delivery of the final product to your preferred location. If there is a need for additional distribution, let us know before the production stage and this can be arranged too.

Follow up

Luxgraphicus is always seeking to improve and refine our process, and to exceed your expectations. Following delivery, we will ask for your feedback on the final result of the project, the process by which it was delivered (briefing through to final delivery) and how we might be able to continue to help make your business look fabulous.

[Even this service commitment and process document is open to feedback and comment and we welcome your input!]

service commitment

download a flow chart of our service commitment as a pdf file

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