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A brief outline of our products and services. We'd love to meet you to show you how we can tailor these to fit your own fabulous business requirements!

Corporate Identity Your corporate identity development will include; iconic/symbolic logo, logo type, typefaces and styles for publications, principal and supporting colour set, spacial arrangements and guidelines for application of style.
This style can then be applied to your business cards, letterhead, marketing cards and brochures as part of an all business solution. Of course, it will also make any other design materials look fabulous too!
Business Solutions
Flier Design Your new or existing corporate idenity can be applied to a range of specialist formats and media. Customised to suit your business needs these can include; invitation cards, brochures, fliers, display banners, presentation folders and other formats that our designers can recommend for you.
Specialist Solutions
Publication design Your businesses corporate reports and publications will be designed to be fabulous! This includes image and graphic use to suit existing corporate style guide, specification of typographic styles, spacial use, table, figure and image treatment, placement of all text, images and tables.
Luxgraphicus will also manage the print production of your project to ensure a fuss free and accurate outcome. We source the best value provider, liaise with them to meet production deadlines, scrutinise proofing, final production and delivery.
website design

Your new website will initially be designed as a "look and feel" visual.
This will include flat graphics showing navigation structure to allow for access to all pages, and how content will appear in each type of page.
We will then undertake the development of this approved "look and feel" into a "trial" working version for your checking and approval, followed by final development and application to all pages, upload and testing to live site and provision of site files on disk.


Call or email us to arrange a time to meet, at your convenience, and discuss how your business can benefit from looking fabulous!

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