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Managed Design Services  

Visual Identity
So much more than just a logo, your identity includes an iconic/symbolic logo, logo type, typefaces and styles for publications, principal and supporting colour set, spacial arrangements and guidelines for application of style. Luxgraphicus then creates a system which defines and controls how all these components look, feel and work together.

Unity is our visual identity brand management service which provides the structure and formal system required to keep your business looking fabulous!
Unity will maintain the consistent application of your brand and ensure the secure storage and retrieval of your valuable visual collateral.

Managed design services
Managed design services  

Website management
Once Luxgraphicus has designed how your website should look and added your initial content we can also take on the regular maintenance and updating of your site.
No need to become an expert technician or web guru. Simply send us your website updates and we’ll keep your site up to date.

Email Marketing ManangementLuxgraphicus will create the forms and templates required to build your client lists and to keep your email campaign consistant with the rest of your marketing material, then we will generate the monthly email delivery for you.
Just provide your custom content and we'll do the rest.

managed design services
managed design services  

Print Management
Luxgraphicus knows the local and national printing industry.
By working with our print partners we are able to source the best suppliers for your specific project. Some require specialist and unique treatment, others fit into standard models and can be handled well and cheaply by mass production houses in major capitals.

All the liaison is handled by our experienced people and your printed material will be delivered to your door, or even to multiple locations around the country, if that’s what you need.

Signs and more...
Luxgraphicus will even manage the production and installation of your premises signs, vehicle signage, promotional items, or other marketing collaterall production.

managed design services
Managed Design Services  

Luxgraphicus managed services save you money and time on their own, but bundle them together and save on your ongoing design requirements too!

Two (2) services will give you a 10% discount on all your design projects. Subscribe to 3 services for a 20% discount, and 4 or more services for a massive 33% discount!

Eligible services include;
• brand licensing,
• unity brand management,
• website manangement,
• email marketing management, and
• print management.

Managed Design Services

contact us now to access our managed services.

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