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Free report reveals why the best small businesses are watching their branding.

• Discover why your clients think the way they do about your business.
• Understand the effect your brand has on your clients perception of your business.
• Learn how to manage your brand like a big business does.

perception is realityfree report
“how to systemise and control a great brand”

a report by
brian miller
creative director
luxgraphicus design agency

As a designer I’m writing this to you from ... The Matrix.

It is a virtual reality world.

A world where, when people see something, or even just imagine it, they perceive it as reality.

In the real world of business we operate in an environment not so far removed as you might imagine, from the Hollywood world of the Matrix.

For your clients, potential and current, their perception of your business IS reality.

“this is why you need to manage your visual branding”

Perception is reality

Your clients, be they, potential, customer, or advocate, perceive your business based on a number of issues.
• Split second impressions based on every type of contact
• The direct value they receive from your services
• The enjoyment they get in dealing with you
• The indirect value they perceive from being associated with your business

Of course, your service needs to meet your clients needs in physical or technical terms. However, beyond this, it is your clients perception of your business which will determine whether they become customers and advocates rather than just untapped potential.

All aspects where the client has contact with your business will influence their perception. From their first knowledge of your operation, through the marketing process, information gathering, closing of sales, production and delivery, after sales service, follow-up and referral.

More subtle influences will also effect your clients perception, sometimes more greatly than the immediate and obvious ones. Wider market branding will create a perception in the general community around, and from which, your client will derive their perception of value through their association with your business.

Everything that represents your business influences this perception...

To read the full report, and understand why the best small businesses are watching their branding, fill out the download form at the top of this page.


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