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Why it's good to be fabulous!.

Your needs

As a small business owner or manager, you are concerned with how your clients perceive you. You’re concerned about how they think of your business when they are deciding whether to invest their hard won money.

As a small business you’ll want to be seen as big enough, stable, reliable, predictable, professional, trustworthy, a quality provider. Somewhere your client will be prepared to invest their resources and achieve a value outcome.

But, how can your business appear to be big enough, seem stable and reliable, a place which gives predictable results every time? What will give your business a sense of being professional, trustworthy and a provider of quality products or services?

To help answer this it’s worth looking at how does big business does it.

Big business does it with a system. A system which prescribes how they will appear to their clients. Which prescribes how their advertising will look, how their stationery will look, how their vehicles will look, how their stores will look, how their staff will dress, how their website will look, and how their logo will appear on all their business collateral. A system which leaves nothing to chance, or to the discretion of individuals.

This system is managed and maintained across all of their operations, all of the time, and forms a vital and valuable part of both the operation and the intellectual property of the business.

The perception this creates with their clients is that they are big, stable, reliable, predictable, professional, trustworthy, and a quality provider. A perception that they are someone worthy of their clients investment and that they will provide a valuable outcome for them.

That’s how big business does it.

So how can this happen for a smaller business?

How it happens

It can happen with a system.

A system created for you by Luxgraphicus. We call this system your “visual identity”.

Your visual identity is then managed and controlled through our “unity” system, our visual identity brand management service. This ensures your clients perception is not left to chance, or whim.

These systems will then become a valuable part of your businesses intellectual property.

You can then bring into your business any Luxgraphicus service or product to create collateral to support your marketing plan. This collateral will be created to work within the established systems and be delivered according to our service commitment.
(products, services, systems and processes are all detailed in the Luxgraphicus Service Directory)

4 simple steps to achieve this solution

1. A Luxgraphicus Brand Audit – no cost introduction to Luxgraphicus.
2. Have Luxgraphicus develop your visual identity system.
3. Subscribe to “unity” for ongoing brand management at reasonable quarterly or annual subscription rates. (first 6 months subscription is included with visual identity creation)
4. As an ongoing client, become eligible for premium services.

The benefit to you

Now, with a visual identity system in place your clients see your business as big enough, stable, reliable, predictable, professional and trustworthy.

Your clients are now prepared to invest their resources. They believe they will receive a valuable outcome from the relationship.

As the owner or manager you are now proud and confident in the perception your clients have of your business. This confidence and pride flows through to your staff and naturally is reflected back to your clients, further reinforcing their positive perceptions of your business.

Get started now!

Book a Brand Audit by calling us today on 6254 0919, or

Download our free report, “Perception is Reality – a guide to why you should be watching your branding.” by completing the download form at the top of this page.

Or email us and we’ll forward you a copy of the report.


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