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Canberra Business in ColourCanberra Business in ColourCanberra Business in ColourCanberra Business in Colour


Canberra Business in Colour – Show off your colours!

We are looking to engage with and capture the spirit and essence of the business community in Canberra with an exciting photographic project – Canberra Business in Colour

Naturally we will need business people to work with us to bring this to realisation.

Our process will involve some time with you the business person, in gathering background information, developing a creative concept for an image, and then in the actual taking of the image. This may take around an hour of your time.

We plan to base the imagery on our own creative concepts, rather than your own business marketing messages, so we can't promise glossy advertising images for you!

We can promise a friendly and flexible approach however, and nothing you are too uncomfortable doing of course. And we will provide an A4 glossy print and web sized file of your image in return.

If it turns out you'd like to use our final image for marketing of your business we will be happy to discuss a license fee for this purpose.

Long term, we plan to mount an exhibition of the images, and use this as cross promotion of all the businesses involved and Luxgraphicus.

Keen to be involved, or find out more?

Register your interest with our survey here.

or call or email us to discuss things.


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Register your interest with our survey here.

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