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visual brand audit – a component of the luxgraphicus brand managment system – "unity"

brand audit brand audit

As a small business owner or manager, how do you want your clients to perceive you?

What do you want them to think of your business when they are deciding whether to invest their hard won money?

As a small business you'll want to be seen as big enough, stable, reliable, predictable, professional, trustworthy, a quality provider. Somewhere your client will be prepared to invest their resources and achieve a value outcome.

Branding is more than just a logo, it is the image you present as a whole to your clients and the perception they form of your business as a result. It's about how your advertising looks, how your stationery looks, how your vehicles looks, how your store looks, how your staff dress, how your website looks, how your logo appears on all your business collateral.

Business Identity and visual brand management is a Luxgraphicus speciality. We'll take a little of your time, examples of all your visual branding materials, and prepare a brand audit with a written report of our recommendations.

This audit process forms a vital component of our "unity", visual brand management system. As a part of this system we will conduct 2 full brand audits each year. Initially to establish how things are going and then to monitor and measure the improvements.

brand audit

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